Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rule # 341

Personal Rule #341: If you pick something up at the free table, you have to sew it into something quick, becasue you don't have room for it in your stash!

So the beautiful yard of "Poppy Silhouette" by Laura Gunn became two great new pillows for my couch.

And then, because once you pull out fabric it doesn't want to be put away,
I decided to play around with pouch patterns and
Just practicing, you know.
'Cause I can.

Not bad for my first try.
Might just have to make a mess of these for friends and family.
But lets not stop there.

A little coin purse, too!
Believe it or not, but the boxy pouch was easier to make than the coin purse.
I think it was the size, bigger is better I guess.

The only problem is that I am quickly going through my zipper stash.
This is all I have left!

My favorite place to get zippers is at estate sales (can you say "I'll take all of them for $1.00"?).
Guess I need to start estate saling again!


  1. Ooh, you have been busy...Pillows and a pouch and a coinpurse. To all those grumbles I heard at the meeting yesterday about not being able to make a pouch in a month, I say...Annie made 2 in a day and had time to spare :-)


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