Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday's Truth

Sometimes when you think you need everything to fall just exactly in place to be perfect,
you are wrong.
Sometimes it's perfect when things don't happen like they are supposed to.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Index quilt Blog hop and Giveaway

So, as you have been able to tell from the lack of posting
the past few months, I've been a bit busy.
And not necessarily in a having fun, doing what I love, relaxing way.
Swim season and IEP's and lesson planning and other detritus of life
really put a dent in doing things I enjoy.
Until last weekend, it had been MONTHS since I read a book for pleasure.
In the midst of all this stress, I jumped at the opportunity to
test a quilt pattern for my friend Kristy.
I figured, technically, it was work, not pleasure,
so I could squeeze out some time for it.
GAWD, I'm glad I did!!
 It turned out to be just the stress relief I needed.

Kristy sent me a copy of her pattern to test,
 saying "just do one or two blocks".
So I dutifully did.
And then made a few more because I liked the way it looked
and thought, here's a great baby quilt!
And then made a few more, thinking, here's a great picnic quilt.
And then made a few more,
because, really, I wanted a big 'ol lap quilt
(seriously, who's taking a picnic now that it's almost winter?).

So here's what mine ended up looking like
I love Kristy's quilt in that wonderful jelly roll assortment of colors,
but I really like the simplicity of my two tone.
Just so's ya know,
this ain't no Ohio State University quilt.
It just so happens that red Painter's Canvas and Kona Coal
look really good together.

So, how do you get your hot little hands on this fabulous pattern you ask?
Head on over to Kristy's etsy shop and purchase either the PDF or the paper copy.
leave a comment for me about your favorite stress reliever.
Cuz' I'm giving away to one lucky person a PDF copy of the
Index quilt pattern!!
How awesome is that!

Hop along on the blog hop and check out how the other pattern testers
did with this great pattern (they're also giving away a copy of the pattern)
Here's the schedule:

Sunday 10/28 -- Kristy

Monday 10/29   -- Annie ,  Andi

Tuesday 10/30 -- Shelly,  Nancy
Wednesday 10/31 -- Halloween (BOO!)

Thursday 11/1 -- Beth,  Jess

Friday 11/2 -- Sara ,  Jacey

Remember, all you have to do is leave me a comment
and you are entered to win.
I will pick a random winner Friday 11/2.
I can't wait to see what the other gals in the hop post!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Index Quilt Hop and Giveaway

Holy cow, you know you've made it in the blogging world
when you are invited to participate
in a blog hop!

And it gets even sweeter when there's something
to give away!

My super talented friend Kristy has published another awesome quilt pattern
and is releasing it TODAY!
I was lucky enough to be one of her pattern testers
and let me just tell you, I {LOVE}this pattern.

You can check out more great pics of this fabulous quilt and
see what Kristy has to say about her pattern here
and then go to her etsy shop to purchase the pattern in PDF or paper form.
you can follow the blog hop and enter to win a free PDF of the pattern.

Here's the hop schedule:

Sunday 10/28 -- Kristy (That's today!)

Monday 10/29   -- Annie (wahoo, that's me!) ,  Andi

Tuesday 10/30 -- Shelly,  Nancy
Wednesday 10/31 -- Halloween (trick or treat, don't smell my feet!)

Thursday 11/1 -- Beth,  Jess

Friday 11/2 -- Sara ,  Jacey
Come on back here tomorrow,
I'm lucky hop spot number one!
I can't wait to show you the results of my first pattern testing.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A bit of Autumn randomness

Hey there.
Remember me?
I've been a bit busy since August.
So busy that I haven't had much time to do the things I enjoy the most.
That included reading and quilting and updating this blog.
But now I'm back with concerted effort.

I'm in the habit of taking my little point and shoot camera everywhere.
Here's a bit of what I've seen recently:

This is the maple tree in my front yard.
I came home one Sunday after running errands
and there were people taking pictures of it.
Random People.
But if you got up close to the tree, you could see that it glowed.
Yep, this tree is so beautiful in its color it actually
Hands down my favorite tree in the fall.

This is a cat.
A fat cat.
A morbidly obese cat. See its tiny head?
This is NOT my cat.

This is the pasta aisle at my favorite Italian grocery in Ohio.
Yes, it really is as long as a standard grocery aisle.
And yes, it really only has pasta in it.
Pasta made in the USA, pasta made in Italy.
Every pasta shape man could ever dream up making.
One aisle over is olive oils and vinagers.
Yep, another whole aisle dedicated to wonderful ingredients you can only dream about.

This is my beacon for Ohio. I love this barn.

Closer to home, the city was being optimistic.
Not a man (working or not) around.
I love the sign maker with a sense of humor.

Went to the farm to get fresh eggs this morning and I was greeted by
a couple of does taking a nap in the sun.
Seems like a great idea.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Truth

Sometimes, when you least expect it and when you need it most, people come through. Have faith that it will happen.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five things I love about Autumn

1. I love the smell of Autumn. There's something about the autumn air; its crisper, with the hint of wood smoke and frost, and give it time, a tease of snow to come. The only seasonal smell that is as pungent is blooming lilacs in the spring, and that's only when you are near them. Autumn can be smelled EVERYWHERE!

2. I love the taste of Autumn. Its when we start baking apple pies, and maccaroni and cheese from scratch, and tomato soup and grilled grilled cheese. And bread, yeasty warm bread. Fresh out of the oven (or in this case, rising). After a long hot summer when you didn't want to even look at an oven, all we want to do now is have something baking or simmering or roasting.

3. I love the feel of Autumn. Sweaters and jeans in the day, piles of quilts in the evenings. 'Nuff said.
(pictures of new quilt to come soon)

4. I love the sound of Autumn. Rustling leaves, honking migrating geese, childern jumping into piles of leaves. Neighbors chatting over the fence while tidying up the yard.

5. I love the sights of Autumn. All those fall festivals (how many Octoberfests can one metropolitan city have??), blue skies, fog on the river in the morning, clearer skies at night to see the stars. And those leaves, those beautiful changing leaves.

Just gotta love Autumn.