Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Autumn is just Monther Nature putting on a splash of makeup and a spangly new dress for the last hurrah of the year. Thank goodness for spangly new dresses!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday's Truth

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. And who wants to do what everyone is doing anyway?

Monday, September 17, 2012

A little bit of this and that

Its been a busy few weeks.
Too busy.
So here's a little taste of what I've been up to.

Work. Nothing makes a teacher's heart warm like data!!
Wow, I must be sick.

A fab sunset from the deck.
Now that is something to admire.

A nice hike, 7 or so miles. It only looked like it would rain the whole time.

I ordered these great metal findings and made a few key chains.
I think I got a bit carried away,
but they will make great gifts for friends and family at some point.

I've been baking a bit of bread, but forgot to snap pics before I sliced and toasted it up.
Trust me, it was yummy!

I am also wrapping up a project in the sewing room.
I tested a pattern for a friend and am just waiting on the go ahead to show you.
I promise there will be fun for all when I get to show you.
I,, still need to quilt it,
But I CAN'T wait to show you!!!

Until then,
I'm just dreaming of chasing windmills.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Truth

Some say you should spread the drama in your life around to keep the doses to a minimum. Sometimes you just don't get to choose.  Go with the flow, it will all even out eventually.

So what's that all about? I got all of my swim team drama done in one day, yesterday. One of my boys was horsing around on the wet deck and went down, spraining his wrist and chipping a bone (claims he, but the doc says he can be back in the pool in 5 days). Another of my poor misguided boys thought stealing a wallet and cell phone was a good idea, like that would improve our chances of winning?? His mother is still letting him think about it in jail today. Nothing like getting pretty silver bracelets and a cruiser ride at the end of a meet!

I have met my quota for drama for the year, its someone else's turn now. Any volunteers?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Its Done!!!

I have finally finished my new black and white quilt,
except hand-sewing the binding, but I couldn't wait to show you.
 I'm really REALLY excited.

But first....
a bit of show and tell.

Unless your name is Carrie and are having a baby this winter
and you won't tell us boy or girl.

Which made me have to make not one but two
baby quilts.
One for a girl and one for a boy.
No, you don't get them both unless you have a boy AND a girl.

So turn off your computer Carrie, and keep guessing
what baby's quilt will look like.
Just like we will keep guessing boy or girl.

Here's the girl quilt:

I think this was a Moda or a Benartex charm pack.
Check out my fancy scalloped edges.
While doing the scallops was not too terribly difficult,
sewing the binding was not a walk in the park.
Bias Bias Bias!!!!
No pic of the back, its just plain yellow.

And here's the boy quilt:
This was made from squares I cut from that fab Kona Modern Fabric
I won at the Kansas City Modern Meet Up back in May.
I added some Kona solids and a few grey prints to round it out.
Lots of fun to make, and super easy!
Here's the back:

Ok. Just took a look at my pictures of my new monster sized quilt
and I am very disappointed.
The lighting is terrible.
I will try to take more-better photos later this week.
But here she is,

Single Girl Interrupted:

I have wanted to make a Single Girl quilt for a while.
I have several MARRIED friends who have made this quilt.
Just didn't seem right that
the SINGLE girl didn't have one of these.
It's iterrupted because that's what life sometimes does,
So as a decidedly single girl, after an interruption of a marraige,
I needed a quilt that represented this aspect of my life.
And I quite like it.

A close up of the quilting:

What you can't see in the big photo is that there are three lines of big circles
coming down the quilt, two kinda close to each other and
the third set to the side.
I used some circle templates to draw the big circles right onto the quilt,
but to do all those gazillions of little circles
 I just kept repeating the mantra
"quarters, nickles, and pennies"
to keep the size of the little buggers the way I wanted them.
So how long did it take to quilt this monster (roughly105x105) you ask?
Well, I started yesterday at 9am, took a long dinner break, quit at 11:30pm,
and finished up with another 2 hours today.
But it was worth it.

I like my Single Girl. Interrupted.

Any suggestions on how/where to take better photos of this quilt?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hodge poge

Issac is here in St Louis, don't know who put out the welcome mat.
On the positive side, things are greening up around here again.
The sky has been amazing with the changing
clouds and multiple storm fronts.
Unfortunately I haven't been carrying my camera,
and besides, grey skies sometimes aren't too photogenic.

I finally got my first paycheck of the year
so I'll go treat myself to a new purse thats big enough for my camera
and maybe I'll have more photos to share. 
I'm saving for a really nice camera so the quality of my photos can improve too.

Our first swim meet was yesterday and it got off to a bang.
Or a blow.
The meet was delayed due to tornado sirens sending everyone to the locker rooms for shelter.
But I consider the meet to be a raging success as the boys
took the second place medal for the
400 Breaststroke relay.
I'm SOOOOOO proud of them!!!!
We haven't won a medal in this meet in several years, so it feels especially good.

My friend Nancy made this keychain for me.
I need to find out where she got the metal end so I can make one for my school keys.

I still have that black and white quilt pinned on the machine,
just waiting for me to devote some time to quilting it.
I promise when its done I will take good pics and show you all.
In the mean time I'm enjoying a lazy Saturday after a week filled with
14 and 16 hour days.