Sunday, June 9, 2013

The Thing about Demo

It's not like on TV.
HG and DIY.
Its not real.
They have crews of 20 or more.
They plan for months.
 Its not real.

Real is delays.
Real is indecision.
Real is living with your fridge in your front hall for two months.

Sometimes you need to take a break from real.
So I did.

Went hiking this weekend two places.
I forgot to take pictures of Mastedon State Park.
A lovely little park about 15 miles south of the St Louis Metro area.

Then I went to St Francois State Park down near Bon Terre.
I hiked the Mooner's Hollow Trail,
named after the moonshiners that use to hide in the hollows to make their white lightening.
No white lightening to be found on this hike, *sigh*,
but plenty of wildflowers along the trailside,

Along with lovely shady paths,

And lots of water.
On the almost 3 mile path, I hiked alongside running water for
at least 2 miles or more.
And I was lucky enough to cross the stream near this gem of a waterfall.

There are several other hikes in the park of varying lengths.
Definitely a revisit.
You know, when I'm finished with the kitchen.

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  1. I hear ya. Real is trying to sleep through a jackhammer breaking up part of the cement inside your house with the corresponding fine dust settling Everywhere in the house.


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