Monday, July 8, 2013

Heading home

My drive home from South Carolina was a bit challenging.
I managed to hurt my back (again), which
made sitting in a car for 11 hours less than comfortable.
So I decided to take it slow, stop frequently,
and maybe hike a bit of the Appliachian Trail
(seeing as how I would be crossing it, rather convienent).

Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and I drove through 5 hours of rain. 
But I did stop and snap some photos of the Smoky Mountians 
(they lived up to their name).

This waterfall was cascading down the side of the mountain right next to the highway.

I also hopped out to snap a photo of the Trailhead sign between rain drops.

A beautiful stream was tumbling down the mountain next to the trail.

Due to my back I wasn't able to hike like I had planned, there was a staircase with close
to a houndred soaked wood stairs that I just couldn't do.
And I of course left my rain gear at home.
I think it rained about 6 inches while I was in SC.

Next time I will plan my time and work load better. 

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  1. Sorry to hear about your back; but glad to know that you are back home and at least got to enjoy a little of the journey.


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