Monday, September 5, 2011


The honeycrisp are in and I wasn't going to miss out this year. Only a two week season, you have to know that they start piking in late August and then hustle to the orchards to get them. Yummmm, best eating apples in the land.

Ripe for the picking!

Some nice ones, some damaged ones from this summers hail storms.

If you don't eat at least one (or three) right in the orchard, you shouldn't have come.

Can you believe it was 101 degrees yesterday, and here my car says 68 glorious degrees at noon. Ahhhhh.
Not to show off, but yes that is my Prius getting 48.1 MPG. I love my car!

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  1. Went and picked the HC's on opening day! I usually miss them; they are so GOOD! I noticed all the damage to the apples, but never though about hail...good to know!


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