Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday Sew-In Fun

Gotta love a Saturday devoted to sewing with friends! This is the second Sew-In I've gone to with my Modern Quilt buddies in St Louis, and I have to say it is a ton of fun- great group of diverse gals with the same desire to quilt, always funny stories and helpful advise, and the sound of sewing machings going at mach speed. The moving in/out is always fun (did I remember to pack my foot pedal? oh gosh, does anyone have a spare pair of scizzors?), and the methods of packing in interesting (gotta love a baby stroller!).

My suitcase comes in handy. Who needs one of those fancy sewing machine cases when you have one of these sitting around gathering dust in the basement!

We had tons of work space... four big tables pushed together for two people to share. Here is my project for the day, although I brought three different projects to work on in case I finished one or got bored with it.

I finished all 72 blocks in one day! It helped that I had cut them out a few weeks ago. Now to find time to sew them together and add a wide white border to pump up the size. Quilt it? Well, lets just say it might be a while, I've got a few customer quilts to do first.

I won a door prize!

A pretty orphan block that was on the free table... I don't know what that girl was thinking abandoning this block. Oh well, one girl's trash is another's new pillow!

If you are keeping tabs on my progress on the latest (started in August) SLMQG challenge, here is the update.
No progress! I have two weeks to get this sucker done, and its my own private little challenge to do so without coming down with a case of "gotta sew fever".  Technically, I have made a bit of progress, I've pulled out that Kona Coal to possibly go with the Habitat fabrics, and I think I know which one I'm not going to use on the front of the quilt.  And I do have an idea for a pattern, so actually, the quilt is as good as done.... now I just have to cut it out, piece it together, quilt it, and bind it in two weeks. NO PROBLEM!!


  1. OH you are well on your way to having the challenge licked!!
    GO CARDS!! I actually KNOW that they won and they are now 1 game behind...I still don't understand that though...

  2. It really was a fun day! Good luck on your challenge quilt; I'm sure you'll rock it!


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