Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This week's word of the week: Proliferation

I was a bit prolific in the kitchen Sunday... made cherry scones, banana muffins, and french rolls last minute to go with chicken piccata. Ahhhh/Yummm, feels good to bake a bunch!

So I decided to be a bit prolific in the sewing room too. I cut out a quilt on Saturday morning before meeting up with a great gal I quilt for and then went to my St Louis Modern Quilt Guild Meeting. Always inspirational!!  That pushed me to cut out my Lemon Squares quilt on Sunday (in between all the baking). Yup, I cut out two, yes two, quilts in one weekend!

Somehow the quilt bug stayed with me and I sewed a bit last night after a LONGGG day at work and again tonight and.....

I finished piecing my black and white Jelly Roll quilt! I cheated (is it really cheating?) and cut my own strips from my stash (seems it didn't even make a dent in my black and whites, they must be breeding in the closet!). I cut them 3" wide to increase the size of the quilt. I'm pleased with it overall, just have to quilt it now and it will make a nice thank you gift to a friend helping out with the swim team. Maybe I'll get to that this weekend.... and maybe not!

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  1. Oh...I need to pull out my black and whites..Love that quilt...


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