Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I'm still here

So I got an earfull from my mother because I haven't been posting much lately. So I'll catch you up to speed and make her happy at eh same time. No great photos, I REALLY want a new camera that shoots better than my current point and shoot. But here's the synopsis... Swim season has finally ended, and I must say I am glad. to be able to go home after working only 8-10 hours is NICE, really nice. The boys did well at Confernce finals, with one fellow winning a second in the 200 yd Freestyle (8 laps), and fourth in the 50 freestyle sprint (although I wanted him to swim the 500 where he also would have placed second). All of the boys save one won at least one medal.
In the quilting world, I finally finished a monster quilt for a client. It was HUGE, took me 9 hours to quilt it (partially becasue my machine had fits, including breaking my bobbin casing and causing me to use my old one, thank goodness I held onto it). I haven't started any new projects for myself, although I would like to. I'm tossing around the idea of heading into Webseter Groves to the new fabric shop called Fabric Nosherie to look for something with birds on it. I have this desire to make something with a bird theme, quilt or pillow or scarf, who knows.
I'm loath to believe we still change our clocks back and forth every year. It really is cutting into my time hiking. A friend and I have discovered the great trails in the Weldon Springs Conservation Area and have enjoyed hiking there. Even had a doe cross our path this Sunday. I'm hoing it stops raining soon so I can get out again this weekend to hike (mud is not fun), I'm really enjoying the time on the trail. I need to get some pants better suited to cooler weather hiking, thank goodness for Sierra Trading Post emails!!
I think that catches you up on all that is happening in my life. I promise to try and snap more pics to include in the future. Unfortunately late fall is rather dreary, not making for great photo opportunities, but I'll see what I can do.

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