Friday, November 25, 2011

Trying something new

So I went with a friend to his parents for Thanksgiving for moral support (his first Thanksgiving home since his divorce, been then done that and have the T-shirt) and because he bribed me with the carrot that we would get to shoot guns in the backyard. Now, I've never been very fond of guns, never really handled them, and am quite intimidated by them. But this offer intrigued me. Try something new I said to myself. So.....

The scope was very helpful, as was the stick stand. 

Oh Yeah! It really is fun to shoot the .22.

Notice all of the cans are split wide open. Set 'em up for round two of picking 'em off. By the way, I only missed one of the four cans on the first try. Not bad for a first timer!

See all those holes? Yep, I made 'em, even the one touching the bottom of the bullseye. This was all with the .22.

What you can't see is that I then moved on to a 30-30, a couple of .358s, a 12 guage shotgun, and a 7mm magnum rifle. AND HIT THE BULLSEYE WITH EVERY ONE!!!  I've got the targets to prove it too! Didn't know I was a crack shot, did ya? It really was fun, but I would never do that without the guidance of experienced people behind me (safety first!).
Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. My friend really didn't need me, but I was happy to be there anyway. There's nothing like spending holidays with good food, family and friends (even if the family isn't yours, thats how they become friends).
Oh, and I got an offer to learn to shoot the crossbow the next time I'm in town.

And so you don't think I'm going all redneck on you, I talked quilts and gardening with my friend's mother who is also a quilter, discussed the merits of master's degrees, and finished the binding on a quilt my sister-in-law asked me to make. I'll try to get a photo tomorrow and post it for you to see.


  1. Nothing wrong with going a little "red-neck" every once in a while... I love that we can shoot right off our And i own my own gun!!

  2. I agree with Nancy about the "Red-Neck" stuff. Glad that you had some fun.


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