Sunday, April 8, 2012

Zakka Rocka!

Its called Good Friday, 'cuz good God almighty Fridays are GOOD!
Especially when you get the day off to play.
I was a busy bee in my sewing room Friday wrapping up some projects,
starting new ones.
I'm so excited to be playing along with the Zakka Style fun!

Here's my new library bag, the first project from the Zakka book:
It zigs, it zags, Its ziggy zaggy!

I am very impressed with my domestic machine quilting,
not my usual modus operendi (check me out, butchering Latin!!)

And there's a coordinated pocket inside too!

Oops! Probably shouldn't have turned the camera. Oh well.

A super fun project that forced me to expand my horizons and tackle some new
techniques. And that LINEN!!! Its gorgeous to work with!

If you are on the hunt for that fab linen, I found mine on line from Sew Mama Sew.
I just hope the three yards I bought are enough to carry me through most of the
projects in the book.

I worked on some quilts this past week, finishing up my mother's
black and white jelly roll race (I added some yellow and it POPS!)
as well as two of my "use up the batiks" quilts
and finally quilted my Lemon Squares quilt.
I'll post photos later (tease, tease).

Oh, and I got a bit ahead on my Zakka Wow, and even have the next project DONE!

Gotta go mow the yard, a never ending chore to be sure.
Happy Easter, Happy sewing, and Happy April!

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