Sunday, May 20, 2012

Modern Meet up Wrap up

Headed to Kansas City yesterday for the MQS show and the Modern Quilt Guild meet up.
Not going to say much about the quilt show because, well...
there wasn't much to it.
Have to say, I'm not disappointed its moving to Wichita next year, I don't think many will miss it.
HOWEVER, the Modern Quit Guild Meet Up was a lot of fun.
Didn't snap a lot of photos, but I will tell you that the room was CRAWLING with celebrities.
Quilty celebrities.
Go ahead and say it...
I only knew of a few, but there were big names rubbing elbows with little folk like me..
Amy Butler, Tula Pink, Lotta Jorgenson and lots more.
Full disclosure.
I couldn't pick any of these fabric and pattern designers out of a line up of three.
But the great gals I was with knew them all and were so much fun to watch get all starry eyed.

And there were door prizes!

The first almost 100 got great swag bags with all of these goodies...
a Bernina bag, a charm pack of Cotton Couture by michael miller, a matchbook sewing kit from Denise Schmidt Quilts, a Generation Q magazine, and a Modern Quilts Illustrated.
Then that same group (I was 7th in the door, btw) got to draw numbers for more door prizes.
I drew lucky # 88 and here's what I won:

A bundle of 6 half yard cuts of the brand spanking new Kona Modern Quilts fabric!
Yep, thats 3 whole yards!
Let me tell you, there were some serious requests to swap with others who only won thread for their prizes.
But wait, there's more!

Shannon and Miriam from Fabric Nosherie  were there and Shannon was one of the thread winners.  
She has a fabulous store and no need for more thread (she said she only pieces in white)
So she gave me her Aurifil Thread door prize!

Isn't she the best!?! You HAVE to check out her shop if you haven't sone so already.

So we're relaxing and visiting at a table and suddenly a cute couple come bopping up to the table
asking if any of us are bloggers.
Well, of course there are about 5 of us at the table!
And they pull out this:

All of us bloggers got one (until they ran out) with instructions to make something with it,
post it on our blog, and email Windham Fabrics with the juicy results.
I can't wait to play with this new line and show you what I come up with!

Didn't win any of the grand prizes, but congrats to those that did!
Definitely a fun evening, and I'll be sure to go to future Modern Meet Ups.


  1. Starry-eyed, can most certainly call us Dorks! :-)

    I'm so glad that you had fun and look at all that swag you got...I'm jealous!


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