Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sewing catch up

I know I haven't said much about sewing lately,
but that doesn't mean I have been exiled from my sewing room.
Its the end of the school year and its been a busy one.
But not so busy I wasn't able to throw together a few fun projects.
Remember that delicious hedgehog fabric?

I needed a quick little pouch for business cards so I found this great little tutorial
and whipped it up in less that 12 minutes!
I wish I could remember the blog that had this great tutorial, but I am drawing a blank.
So thanks random blogger, if I can remember who you are I will come back here and definitely give you credit.

I do remember where this one came from: I Like Orange Too
The practice piece. Some Westminster fabrics and some of that incredible Essex Linen.

I added pocket, easy peasy.

Here it is with pleats! The fabrics are Essex Linen and Westminster or Timeless Treasures (I honestly don't remember and the selvage is not handy)
and some fun, ahem, Walmart fabric on the inside.
It truly was the best yellow to go with the feature fabric on the outside. 
So the pleats, lets focus on the pleats! They are divine! And not nearly so hard as they look.
This pattern is easy to follow and I know several people who have bought the pdf pattern and made their own bags. Its been great for me as my usual school bag was soaked in the 
flood, I mean pool installation a few weeks back at work.
Happy sewing, lets hope you don't have torrential rains that force you to sew.   



  1. Hey Annie - sorry to comment in an inappropriate place, but I wanted to let you know that your profile is set as a noreplycomment blogger. You should change that so that if you win any giveaways, people will be able to get ahold of you! You can change it by going to your blogger profile, clicking edit, and then clicking "show my email address."


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