Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrown pots

Finally my last round of pots are DONE!!
And, not to be modest (why bother!!)
They are awesome!
First a moment of true confession....
While the mug and small bowl were thrown on a wheel,
I did not do the throwing. I think they would have turned out a bit less awesome
as I have never thrown clay before.
So without futher ado, here they are:
Just a little finger bowl, cuz I don't have enough of THEM.
Love the blue! The rim was actually a black glaze that became greenish in the kiln.

My monster sized bowl. Really, its HUGE!
A nice coil pot that I absolutely LOVE because of the birds.
(The answer is NO, Mom, you can't have or borrow it. You still have quilts you "borrowed" two years ago)
There are sweet little birds I molded on each side of the pot sitting on a branch I made.
It looks really French Country with the pale green glaze.

And finally my favorite piece

This is a really aweful picture of my leg mug. Yup,  I said LEG mug.
Thats cuz the handle is a LEG!!
Isn't it outrageously awesome and just a bit creepy??
The kids at school think we are a bit touched in the head
(another in the class put two arms reaching out on her mug, way to go Jen!)

I still have one more piece at work, an elephant bowl.
You will have to wait until we grind the bottom a bit, some glaze pooled funky.
Do you do pottery or some other craft besides sewing?
Drop in and leave me a comment!

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