Monday, October 29, 2012

Index quilt Blog hop and Giveaway

So, as you have been able to tell from the lack of posting
the past few months, I've been a bit busy.
And not necessarily in a having fun, doing what I love, relaxing way.
Swim season and IEP's and lesson planning and other detritus of life
really put a dent in doing things I enjoy.
Until last weekend, it had been MONTHS since I read a book for pleasure.
In the midst of all this stress, I jumped at the opportunity to
test a quilt pattern for my friend Kristy.
I figured, technically, it was work, not pleasure,
so I could squeeze out some time for it.
GAWD, I'm glad I did!!
 It turned out to be just the stress relief I needed.

Kristy sent me a copy of her pattern to test,
 saying "just do one or two blocks".
So I dutifully did.
And then made a few more because I liked the way it looked
and thought, here's a great baby quilt!
And then made a few more, thinking, here's a great picnic quilt.
And then made a few more,
because, really, I wanted a big 'ol lap quilt
(seriously, who's taking a picnic now that it's almost winter?).

So here's what mine ended up looking like
I love Kristy's quilt in that wonderful jelly roll assortment of colors,
but I really like the simplicity of my two tone.
Just so's ya know,
this ain't no Ohio State University quilt.
It just so happens that red Painter's Canvas and Kona Coal
look really good together.

So, how do you get your hot little hands on this fabulous pattern you ask?
Head on over to Kristy's etsy shop and purchase either the PDF or the paper copy.
leave a comment for me about your favorite stress reliever.
Cuz' I'm giving away to one lucky person a PDF copy of the
Index quilt pattern!!
How awesome is that!

Hop along on the blog hop and check out how the other pattern testers
did with this great pattern (they're also giving away a copy of the pattern)
Here's the schedule:

Sunday 10/28 -- Kristy

Monday 10/29   -- Annie ,  Andi

Tuesday 10/30 -- Shelly,  Nancy
Wednesday 10/31 -- Halloween (BOO!)

Thursday 11/1 -- Beth,  Jess

Friday 11/2 -- Sara ,  Jacey

Remember, all you have to do is leave me a comment
and you are entered to win.
I will pick a random winner Friday 11/2.
I can't wait to see what the other gals in the hop post!


  1. Great pattern! I love how different yours looks in a limited palette!
    Stress reliever?? going for a long walk!

  2. Annie, I love the quilt in just two colors! I've always been a fan of scrappy, but the red and gray make such a bold statement! I truly love it!

    I recently took up yoga and I don't know where this awesome stretching exercise has been all my life! Definitely a great stress reliever!!

    I'd love to win this pattern to add to my long list of quilt to make!

  3. Wow this pattern is so fabulous. I love it with the dark background. My best stress reliever?? Cutting up fabric and putting it back together. Just like a big puzzle :-)

  4. I really love both versions of this quilt! Very versatile. My best stress reliever is to play a mindless game on my iPod - not sure why it works, but it does for me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Walking is my stress reliever. I can daydream about quilts or nothing at all while I walk. Love to win Kristi's great pattern!

  6. Kristy comes through once again with a super pattern! My favorite stress reliever (other than quilting!): drinking a glass of wine while watching a movie with my husband.

  7. I love your two tone Index. It hit me that it looks like keys to the kingdom. Very striking. And just like you, nothing relieves stress more for me than time at my sewing machine.

  8. Oh I love this quilt!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win the pattern!!!

  9. I love the colors and simplicity of your quilt! Great interpretation! I just thought I loved the scrappy one I have seen on the other pages, but the two color quilt is wonderful!

    Thanks for the chance to win one of the patterns!


  10. Your two toned version is lovely! My best stress reliever is a day at the beach--for some reason, that it about the only place I can go and let go of all my worries.

  11. I love your version of this quilt! It totally changes the look of it! :) I love to sew for stress relief as long as it's not on a deadline. Thanks for a chance to win this great pattern! :)

  12. Love what you did with Kristy's pattern!! Gives it a whole different look, most interesting. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for this great giveaway.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  13. Oh. Pick me, pick me!! I would marketing gray and white. Or yellow and white. Or gray and yellow. Or.
    Stress reliever? Pinterest gazing.

  14. My stress reliever is a quick walk with my dog. Both of us enjoy the change in surroundings and the fresh air gives me a renewed perspective. Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. I'd like to be entered in the pattern giveaway. My one & only son (& his wife) announced they were having a baby girl in March. (Loving it!) When I do my 'AM Yoga'-A 15 minute CD even I can do! I also can move much better too.

  16. I love the red and grey together! It simplifies the looks, yet it still has enough going on with the pattern to not be too plain! I would love to be entered into the giveaway. I normally like to s for stree releif, but that doesn't always happen easily, so another thing I like to do is sing. Singing is a cure-all for just about anything! Now if I could just convince my hubby we NEED a piano....

  17. I am new to quilting, but I would say that any craft is my stress reliever! I love to sew and scrapbook....but quilting is my newest addiction!

  18. I love this pattern. It doesn't look like every other quilt out there. I love the colors you choose for your! My stress relief is to just sit and watch a TV show. But this is hard I always need to have my hands moving.

  19. My favourite stress reliever is my one year old grandson. No matter what is stressing me out, hearing his voice makes it all disappear! Thanks for the chance to win this wonderful pattern. (I love your fabric choices btw.)

  20. Your quilt is gorgeous Annie! My favorite stress reliever sewing!


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