Sunday, October 7, 2012

Five things I love about Autumn

1. I love the smell of Autumn. There's something about the autumn air; its crisper, with the hint of wood smoke and frost, and give it time, a tease of snow to come. The only seasonal smell that is as pungent is blooming lilacs in the spring, and that's only when you are near them. Autumn can be smelled EVERYWHERE!

2. I love the taste of Autumn. Its when we start baking apple pies, and maccaroni and cheese from scratch, and tomato soup and grilled grilled cheese. And bread, yeasty warm bread. Fresh out of the oven (or in this case, rising). After a long hot summer when you didn't want to even look at an oven, all we want to do now is have something baking or simmering or roasting.

3. I love the feel of Autumn. Sweaters and jeans in the day, piles of quilts in the evenings. 'Nuff said.
(pictures of new quilt to come soon)

4. I love the sound of Autumn. Rustling leaves, honking migrating geese, childern jumping into piles of leaves. Neighbors chatting over the fence while tidying up the yard.

5. I love the sights of Autumn. All those fall festivals (how many Octoberfests can one metropolitan city have??), blue skies, fog on the river in the morning, clearer skies at night to see the stars. And those leaves, those beautiful changing leaves.

Just gotta love Autumn.

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