Saturday, October 27, 2012

A bit of Autumn randomness

Hey there.
Remember me?
I've been a bit busy since August.
So busy that I haven't had much time to do the things I enjoy the most.
That included reading and quilting and updating this blog.
But now I'm back with concerted effort.

I'm in the habit of taking my little point and shoot camera everywhere.
Here's a bit of what I've seen recently:

This is the maple tree in my front yard.
I came home one Sunday after running errands
and there were people taking pictures of it.
Random People.
But if you got up close to the tree, you could see that it glowed.
Yep, this tree is so beautiful in its color it actually
Hands down my favorite tree in the fall.

This is a cat.
A fat cat.
A morbidly obese cat. See its tiny head?
This is NOT my cat.

This is the pasta aisle at my favorite Italian grocery in Ohio.
Yes, it really is as long as a standard grocery aisle.
And yes, it really only has pasta in it.
Pasta made in the USA, pasta made in Italy.
Every pasta shape man could ever dream up making.
One aisle over is olive oils and vinagers.
Yep, another whole aisle dedicated to wonderful ingredients you can only dream about.

This is my beacon for Ohio. I love this barn.

Closer to home, the city was being optimistic.
Not a man (working or not) around.
I love the sign maker with a sense of humor.

Went to the farm to get fresh eggs this morning and I was greeted by
a couple of does taking a nap in the sun.
Seems like a great idea.

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