Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Farming the Wind

I took advantage of those snow days
and got an old top quilted.
When I travel I often sketch ideas for quilts from what I see.
Wyoming, one of my favorite places to visit, is
home to quite a few wind farms.

You can see these huge windmills for miles.
Makes me think of Don Quixote.
Made me sketch an idea for a quilt.
Now, almost three years later...
My "Farming the Wind" quilt:
On a windy day, no less.
On a "farm".

Ironically, this quilt was made with the leftovers from my
"Heated Air Conditioning"
quilt that I made during a June 95 degree heat wave
when my air conditioner conveniently gave up the ghost
and had to be replaced.
Its nice to get one of these old tops quilted and moved into the
done pile.
Hmm, maybe I'll get some more WIP's quilted,
or maybe pull out some more travel sketches.

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  1. Nice to see the quilt on the New Town farm!


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