Monday, February 18, 2013

Randomness #97.2

I keep my furniture covered with quilts for two reasons,
which are actually the same reason.
Meet the reason:

I think he is in constant shed mode.
And he is on a chair I had cleaned off not more than 20 minutes ago.
So I tossed the couch quilts in the wash and put my new
Madrona Road challenge quilt on the couch.
And I realized the pillows I had did not
complement the picture. 
 So I real quick sewed up this pair of pillows
with some left over fabric from the challenge.

I kinda like the way the sixteen patch pillows play nice with the circles on the quilt.
(Ignore the messy mess. I had only managed to vaccum before I was distracted.)

In other news...
Headed to the store today.
Here's what I bought:

Firestarters for the fireplace.
 (there's a rumor of maybe some snow in our future)
(don't believe it)
(the groundhog said spring was coming early)
(I did not own a decent flashlight. How did that happen?)
Bakers Chocolate for these bacon bourbon brownies.
Cucumber and peppers for salad.
Lemons. Gotta have lemons.
('cuz they're pretty and smell good)
And a can of Pringles.
I haven't had Pringles for at least 14 years.

Maybe shopping without a list is not the best idea for some.
I think lists just restrict the fun.
Happy shopping.

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