Monday, July 8, 2013

A minor diversion

My kitchen (the lack thereof)
is driving me crazy.
I will be installing cabinets and flooring next week.
This week is finishing the the drywall (sanding and mudding and sanding)
and painting and pulling out the laundry room floor.

So I needed a distraction.
I needed to get away.

So I ran off to South Carolina to help my parents move into their new digs
after moving from Ohio where they lived for about 40 years.
Good daughter that I am, I built closet organizers in all the closets,
painted, unwrapped, put away, climbed in the thousand degree attic,
installed door closers, broked down a bizillion boxes,
and generally worked harder than I was here on my kitchen.

So much for distraction and relaxation.
Oh well.

We did sneak away from the mess to check out the local farmers market.
Gorgeous cabbages

Crowder peas

PINK oyster mushrooms! Really PINK!

Beautiful flowers

There wasn't much to buy as its been an unusally cool and WET
growing season. Hopefully more will come in soon

On the last night some dear friends hosted a
Low Country Boil.
So much fun! And SO MUCH food!
This is before the seafood was added. Such good people,
they pulled this basket before adding the shrimp and crab legs
to accommodate my seafood allergy.


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  1. Your vacation sounds like how my vacation days always busy to really enjoy much. I had a low country boil for the first time over the 4th of July holiday, it was delicious!!


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