Thursday, July 11, 2013

All in the name of Progress

Some visable signs of progress.
Not just that I painted the ceiling and
repainted a few walls a different color.
Although I did.

Now everyone can actually SEE
Here's how it went down:

The last of the base cabinets are outta here,
and the mudding and sanding are done.
See Floyd checking out the changes in his kitchen.
He's not too thrilled with living in a construction zone.

 The dishwasher is disconnected and hanging out where my table usually is.
First cabinet going in!
 The fella's (an engineer and draftsman) came up with a pretty slick trick to
not having to hold up the cabinetswhile installing.
They screwed a 2x4 on the wall at the right height to hold the weight and make sure
all was properly aligned.
Smart boys!

More cabinets going up!

Here's the finished work from last night,
all the uppers have been hung but one that we're saving for later on purpose.
My neighbor and I brought in the base cabinets this morning,

My garage is amazingly empty feeling now,
except for the old cabinets crowding up the place.
Maybe I will sell them this weekend.

So now we settle in for another episode of
"hurry up and wait".
The fellas can't work on the kitchen for another week and a half.
I hate washing dishes in the bar sink.

Help me decide something:
Here are two pictures of pendant lamps to hang over my island
(wahoo, I'm putting in an island!!)
Which one do you like better for my modern looking kitchen?
I like both of them.

Pendant #1:

Pendant # 2


  1. Well for what it is worth I like pendant #2 The cabinets look gorgeous. Miss you.

  2. I think I like #2 too! They both look great.

  3. Looking good Annie! I vote for #2.


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