Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sweet Escape

I couldn't help it.
We had a random four day weekend.
And I didn't travel this summer.
And I was going through withdrawls.

Southwest Air to the rescue.

Had to make a run for the mountains.
And oh was it incredible.

Flew into Denver and immediately set course for Colorado Springs.
But first, a detour to the United States Air Force Academy.
To see the Cadet Chapel.
Because it is gorgeous.

Frank Lloyd Wright.
Can't say any more. Just breathe.
The stain glass might just be inspiration for a quilt in the future.

And  I got to listen to the big pipe organ as a group of cadets were taking a class in the organ loft.

After watching the cadets do their lunch time formation,
I hit the road for real to Colorado Springs.

Garden of the Gods.

Truely one of the great FREE parks in America.
 Did several walks and hikes.
I know, they sound the same, but really aren't.
The walks were ranger led, very interesting. And lots of wildlife to see,
including this Wiley guy:

The hikes were amazing. And tons of people were out and about.
Here I am near Balanced Rock.

Spent most of the afternoon here.

Later I headed out to a local brew pub for dinner and the TV.
Had to watch the Cards win their way into the World Series.
Met several locals and enjoyed the conversations.
This lead to a GREAT hike on Saturday morning with Bryan.
Section 16.
That's Colorado Springs way down there.
This is only a little bit up the side of the "hill".

This is near the apex of the UP portion of buring my lungs and legs.
SOOOO worth it!
See the top of that ridge way off across the canyon?
I was there!
Got to see the scrub oak turning red, a micro climate with Aspen trees turning gold from green,
and snow.

Beautiful day.

I'll fill you in on the rest of my Saturday adventure in Colorado Springs tomorrow.

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