Sunday, October 27, 2013

The one where I lost my ring...again

i have this ring i love.
i got it for myself after my divorce.
its not expensive or especially fancy.
but i like it a lot.
i lost it about two years ago.
sort of.

i thought i lost it in the bathroom at work,
went so far as to empty the trash can in there.

no ring.
i sent out a panicked email,
and the went out on a date.
when i got home that night i happily discovered it had somehow
fallen off my finger into my work bag.
wahoo!! i had my ring back!

fast forward to last weekend.
where i discovered i was missing my ring again.
only problem was i was in colorado springs.

i remember putting it on saturday morning while getting ready to go hiking.
i thought i remembered playing with it at breakfast.

but while photographing this
my hand felt kinda funny.
kinda empty funny.
my ring was gone.

so i spent a frantic 30 minutes retracing my steps to try and find my ring.
i figured it came off when i pulled off my glove to take photos,
but that meant it could be in several spots in Garden of the Gods.
i looked everywhere i stopped.
but, i finally had to give up.
it was gone.
most likely somewhere in the park,
and there was a good chance one of the magpies
saw it sparkle in the morning light and
took off with it.

i spent the remainder of the trip
with a phantom itch on my finger.

fast forward to monday night, about 11pm
when i finally got home.
i was super tired but too wired to fall in bed yet
so i unpacked.

and the gods of lost rings continue to favor me.
inside my suitcase, buried among my dirty socks and hiking pants
was my ring!!!
it makes no sense
but i'm ok with that.
i have my ring back.

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