Sunday, October 6, 2013

Randomness # 132

I've been busy with work and work... and more work.
Here is one of my two homes away from home:

I have managerd to get out to a farmer's market here and there too.

And took a stroll in St Louis' s fabulous Tower Grove Park

As well as a hike or two.
Saw this fella enjoying breakfast at Lone Elk Park.

And had a beautiful hike along the St Francis River in Fredricktown.
This river is the ONLY river in Missouri with whitewater
(in the spring they hold kayak races through the rapids).

And I have one more thing done in the kitchen:
The fancy-for-show mostly vent hood is up!
I have to still tile, and do lighting,
but it is coming alone.

Maybe it will be done by Christmas.

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