Wednesday, July 20, 2011

On the road again

The drive to Ohio was uneventful, if you discount the following:
*the entire state of Indiana is under construction
*got honked at by the truckers because I guess I was showing a bit too much leg (it is sun dress season!)
*the chicken truck spewing feathers behind it for miles (guess that's one way to defeather them)
*the Goodyear blimp coming low into Akron for a landing
*gas was priced anywhere between $3.48 and $3.98 a gallon for regular

Rolled into Poland 9 1/2 hours after leaving St Louis, and the first thing I did was get an ice cream cone from Handel's.

Before I even went home. Because Handel's is that good.

Black Cherry, Yummmm!

Sounds like I'll be busy; going berry picking tonight at the farm, have already been to the store for mom once before dinner. I'll take pictures as the week goes on, wait until you see the library.


  1. Ice Cream, berry picking, and a farm? Sounds like a perfect day to me! Have fun!

  2. Have fun! Hope it's cooler there.

  3. I am all about consuming ice cream...It is by far my favorite food group! Enjoy!


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