Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A trip back in time

Finally had enough time and cooperative weather to get out and take some photos of dear little Poland, Ohio.
That's right, established in 1796, although the first settler, Jonathan Fowler, settled here along the banks of Yellow Creek in 1794.

 The first established building in Poland was the tavern Fowler built for his family and business, just a block from the creek where his log cabin and the mill he later built were (both are long gone).

The origional Seminary School. I went to 7th and 8th grade here. Other notable students include Ida Tarbell and William McKinley (who grew up to be President McKinley. He stayed at the Fowler Tavern and its rumored he was sworn in as president on the front porch of the Tavern.).


A few century homes on Main Street. Most of the century homes were built between 1830 and 1850.

This is Town Hall and the Police station, complete with an old fashioned jail.

The bridge over Yellow Creek behind the library. On Friday nights in the summer they project movies onto the bridge support. This week it was "Beach Blanket Bingo". I spent many summer days dipping my toes in the creek after visiting the library.

Poland is only ten minutes from Pennsylvania, and only 30 minutes from Amish country. On my way through new Wilmington I snapped a few photos of Amish farms, such pretty countryside. Stopped and bought fresh peaches at an Amish farm stand, even saw the Amish saddle maker shop where I bought my first saddle.

Poland is a quaint old town, a great place to raise a family and come back and visit. Its funny how it has grown and changed, and yet not changed at all. The village is still dry, and yet 6 minutes outside town is a winery (didn't stop and check it out, I already know its too sweet for my tastes). Handel's still has the best ice cream in town (even if it is across the street from Dairy Queen), Poland manor is still the prettiest street for miles around, and kids still walk to the library from the Middle School. Missing are Isley's Ice Cream parlor in the village, Whitenaur's Pharmacy (the best candy selection for any middle schooler), and the old Hardware store (although I remember when it burned to the ground, right next door to the fire station). Its been nice to visit, but I'll be glad to go back home to St. Louis.


  1. Thanks for more great photos and memories, Annie! My mom graduated high school from Poland Seminary! And I used to go to Isley's when I was a kid when I visited Poland. I love your hometown; haven't been back in about 15 years (no relatives remaining), but you make me very very tempted! Nice post.

  2. Gorgeous photos. They look like movie-lot facades. I'm so glad people have preserved the old buildings.


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