Friday, July 1, 2011

My Guitars Silently Weep

I am broken hearted. I discovered yesterday (how much by accident I don't know) that my ex-husband did a mean and horrible, malicious thing to me. He gave away to unknown persons a quilt I had made him in happier days. True, I gave him the quilt in the divorce, but with the cavet that if he ever tired of it I wanted it back. It was a show piece, probably worth thousands, but priceless to me. I dyed all of the fabrics myself, bought special threads, designed each part, quilted each piece of fabric differently with tiny, intricate quilting. I spent weeks designing this quilt, which was a representation of his guitars (some of which I gave him).  I was apprehensive to give it to him and now I know why. I spent a sleepless night posting the loss on "LOST QUILTS", a website designed for helping quilters recover missing or stolen quilts (yes, I now consider this quilt stolen).  I also wrote to the contact person of one of the two quilt guilds in Joplin, Mo to request her guild's help. Apparently he gave every quilt I ever made him to the Tornado Relief Effort to get rid of them. I don't care about any of the other quilts. I donated several quilts to the Red Cross after the tornado. I would gladly donate a dozen more to get this one back. I know there is little chance I will ever see this quilt again. And it kills me.

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