Saturday, August 13, 2011

Ahhh... a little less pressure now.

Finally, I have finished the Rip Rip Challenge that the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild presented us with a few months ago. I had no idea what to do with this interesting mish mash of fabrics that I ended up with.

So I let the fabrics think about it for a while. A long while. Like until two weeks before the finished product was due (which is today). Finally I had a pep talk with them and came up with a design. Then I changed it. Six times, including twice while I had it on the big machine to quilt it. But all in all I'm pleased with the results.

Pomegranate Tree
This is what I like about taking pictures of quilts, you can rarely see the mess ups, especially if you have to stand back to get it all in the picture.

Quilting has inspired me to maybe get back to some serious baking. Think I need to dust off the "Bread Bakers Apprentice" and find a really good bread formula to bake tomorrow.... maybe a nice classic french bread, or maybe marble rye (do I have any rye flour???), cheesy bread, Oooooh Ciabatta!


  1. That quilt is absolutely beautiful!! And I love the name -- perfect for it! Nice job! I've done a lot of quilting but nothing recently, and I feel inspired after reading this post! Thank you!

  2. It turned out great! I really love the quilting!

  3. Love your quilt! Sorry I missed seeing it at the meeting...but I'm in Oregon! Having a fab time too! Hope to see it soon.


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