Monday, August 15, 2011

Nothing like 12 hour work days!

So today was the real begin for me. A full work day followed by swim practice. 12 hours. And I loved ever minute of it. There's something about being that busy that feels good.... although I'm not sure if its feeling good while I'm doing it or when I finally get home. Either way, good for me. Something about staying busy and being needed for one thing or another. But I'm still retiring in 13 years. Because I can. Wow does that feel good. Have to say its kinda funny how my collegues are running to me to help them out now that they have decided I'm their department chair (I'm still in denial). I really don't know that I'm any more qualified to answer their questions and solve world hunger any more than they are, but it does feel good that they think I can (answer their questions that is, not solve world hunger, although I have a few ideas....). I guess sometimes we just need to feel like we have a leader (as unqualified as I have worked to make sure I am).
So for those of you who know how sadistic I am, no puking the first day of practice, but lots of cramps and one charlie horse. I went easy on them today, they won't be so lucky tomorrow.

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