Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mmmm, Mail

I admit it... I am a mail junkie.  I love getting mail. Not bills or junk, real mail (and magazines of course!). But in this day and age, seems we have to create a bit of our own mail-excitement. So I did. In less than three days I had in my mailox a package of the most wonderful Simon+Kabuki fabrics that I ordered from

Aren't they yummy! 'Cuz the only thing better than mail is fabric mail. I can't wait to make a quilt with them.

Its been a busy week of 12-15 hour days at work, but I still managed to fit in dinner with an old pal. Months ago I brought him a few staves from a barrel that I took apart with the intent of finding someone to router holes for votive holders to turn the staves into candle holders. Well, he finally finished one for me and its exactly what I imagined.

Really cool, huh. Not sure if I want to leave them natural or stain them darker. Now if I can just get him to do 6-10 more, I'll have Christmas covered!

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