Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting out while I can

Today was the first official day of my spring break (the weekend doesn't really count, we get those every week). And it was one of the few days its not supposed to rain. So whats a gal to do but convince her government man hiking buddy to call in sick to the government and go hiking! The fact that I had to set my alarm and get up before daylight didn't exactly inspire me, but it was worth it.

Water, water everywhere!
Looking for a great hike with beautiful waterfalls?
Look no further!
This was less than a mile into the hike, and it just continued to be pretty.

Here I am in the middle of a stream we had to cross. One of dozens it seemed.
All the rain we've had really filled the creeks and streams up.

We were often climbing over boulders and rock strewn knobs.
It really upped the challenge part of the hike.
Our topographical map showed some 800' climbs.
Who needs to do aerobics or jazzercise?

One of the last little waterfalls we stopped at. That drop was 8 or so feet and the channel
was about 5 feet across.

It was such a pretty spot we hiked back to it after lunch (having already hiked 11miles)
to stick our tired feet in the water while we had a beer.
Oh, my tired feet.
We had a hard time putting our shoes back on.

The park map says you should take about 9 hours 45 minute to hike the 11 miles.
We did it in 4 hours.
Needless to say, I pace too fast.
It's really my government man hiking buddy's fault.
He always lets me go first.
I will give him credit though.
He managed to pick off 3 ticks from himself,
and I didn't have any!

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