Thursday, March 29, 2012

My pot has cancer

Finally my pot is out of the kiln and ready for it't grand debut...
Can you see its tumors?
Its covered in cancerous tumors!
 The pot did great for the first firing, no problems!
But then, the second firing, not so much.
The explaination I was given was the clay recipe did not like the high firing.
Oh well. 
Apparently I am being given a consolation prize, and I hope you can help me pick.
My teacher friend feels really bad (although I told her, its the nature of the beast, sometimes things just don't turn out as we quilters know). So here are my choices:

Vase 1:

Vase 2:

Bowl 1:

I do have a preference, but I thought I would put it out to you to help decide.
What are your thoughts?

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