Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pouch Swaperooo

My fabulouos Modern Quilt Guild is at it again!
We are swapping pouches.
I think I may have posted on this earlier, but I finally got motivated
(translation, the swap is just a few days away)
and made the pouch I wanted to swap.

Its called a Humbug bag and so fun to make! The swanky shape is
unusual and fun and I made the whole thing from one square of fabric.
 I just layered two fat quarters together and quilted them
(great practive for my new all over ripple quilting!) together.
The perfect size for taking sewing along in the car.

I had some of my fabric/quilt sandwich left over and couldn't resist
making a matching coin purse using the reverse side.
Oops! The birds are upside down! Oh well.
Cute nevertheless.

So here they are together. My swap partner will be surprised to find
the little coin purse bonus inside the humbug bag.
Hope she likes them both!


  1. They look great Annie and yes that pouch is "swanky".

  2. I think I need a humbug bag! So cool!

  3. Thank you! The little one inside was a fun bonus. They're very cute and I love the birds. You did a great job! :)


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