Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Color Magic

True confession.
I am terrified to pick paint colors.
I may be able to put together quilts with great color sense,
but when it comes to decorating my walls with color
I am paralyzed with fear.
So whats a gal to do?
Dig in her stash with the help of a dear art teacher friend!

I am happy to report that (while I cannot move without my aching muscles protesting)
I now have a Kona Ash great room, foyer, and hallway!
At Home Depot the color is called Gentle Rain
But its Kona Ash!
And it looks great. The magic is that the color changes every minute with 
the changing lighting and looks different on every wall.
This morning it looks like two shades of barely there gray,
last night it looked a bit purple-ly and dark gray,
and at one point yesterday it looked slate blueish and light-ish blue.
(Hmm, is light-ish a word?)

I'd take a picture, but I'm sure you all have a bit of Kona Ash in your stash
(tee hee, that rhymes!)
and I don't know if I can lift the camera anyway.
I did all the painting in three days
(because I started with painting the bathroom moss green on Sunday)
including painting the cathedral ceiling all by my lonesome.
I also changed out the electrical outlets and wall switches,
not just the covers, but the outlets themselves.
Yep, amateur electrician I am.

For now I've rinsed out the brushes and put up the rollers,
but... my bedroom could use some freshening up.
I've pulled out a hunk of Etchings by Studio e fabrics,
its got some lovely slate blue in it....



  1. Sounds beautiful! My friends used to tease me about how often I painted my walls (a lot!), but now that I'm older I don't like that pain that you're experiencing. I'd rather have someone else do it and let them wake up all achy. LOL!

  2. Holy cow! You really know how to squeeze a lot into a summer!


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