Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Stroll

The best thing about Saturdays in the summer
are the Farmer's Markets.
I have to say I sometimes feel a bit greedy with all the choices here.
On any given Saturday there are close to 40 different markets to choose from
within a 40 mile radius.
Today I thought I would check out one of the larger ones in the city,
Tower Grove Market.
A true outdoor market in a huge, beautiful city park.

These flowers still bloomed in the heat, however should have been twice or thrice the size
so said the lovely farmer lady.

Tomatoes are IN! Everyone's booth was filled to the brim with
these lovies, so many varieties of heirlooms
it is difficult to pick!

Looking for the pot of gold under these bundles of rainbow swiss chard.

Such vibrant purple!

I purchased a few containers of these beauties
SOOO sweet and tasty!

I stopped at another market on the way home to pick up just harvested corn and cukes.
I'm thinking of a snazzy Greek salad for dinner!

To go with my salad I baked some bread.
Yup, its 108 degrees and I baked fresh bread.
On the grill!

Turned out pretty good; here I am checking the internal temp to make sure its baked enough.
I'm not completely happy with the coloring of the bread,
its a little on the light side,
need to figure out something there.

The good news is that a cold front is moving in and it will top out
around 97 degrees tomorrow.

What are some of your favorite ways to keep cool in the summer?


  1. Looks like a great afternoon to me.

    Grilled bread? You must share!

  2. So much loveliness at the Farmer's Market, thanks for sharing!

  3. Love your pictures of the farmers market!


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