Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Go ahead, make my day!

Having a great time in South Dakota.
Still need to get photos together to post from the Harley marathon ride
but here's something to tide you over..
Loading a .44 Magnum.
I know you're probably asking yourself
"Did she load five... or did she load six?"
Yep, that's me. Watch out Dirty Harry, I'm on the scene!

Gettin' Western on y'all.

That's no bug up there, that's the shell casing flying.
Can't get more action shot than that!

Have to say, had a great time shooting on public lands in the middle of Buffalo National Grasslands.
Only in South Dakota!
Just so you know, all perfectly legal and safe.

Don't think I'm going to go out a get a concealled carry permit next week,
but it sure is fun to let the brass fly.

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