Sunday, August 12, 2012

I survived and came away smarter!

Its time for another round of
True Confessions (dun dun DUM).

I have never taken a quilting class.
I didn't understand the allure of them,

Sometimes, I am so stupid.

I went to my first ever, pay money to get in, taught by a talented quilter, class.
I have to admit, I don't know what the HELL was wrong with me!

So, a friend mentioned she was going to a class taught by Angela Walters.
Yep, THE Angela Walters, quilting goddess.
You know, the cute, can't be older than 22, talent coming out of her
sunshine-y hair, with one amazing book in print
(if you can find it, seems the next print release is already sold out)
called Free-Motion Quilting
Free-Motion Quilting with Angela Walters: Choose & Use Quilting Designs on Modern Quilts

And another NEW book coming out this fall (and book three already in the works, squeal!).

Anyway, that friend mentioned that you couldn't get into the class unless you knew someone in the quilt guild that was bringing Angela here. 
Just so happens I knew such a person, and got my self on the class roster.
SOOOO glad I did.

Angela was really personable and down to earth
and brought all sorts of quilts to show.

Then she spent time drawing out some of her favorite stitches and taking questions.

She also spent time REALLY showing us how its done on the machine.


So I am no longer a class virgin. I got one under my belt and will likely go again.
I learned a lot and can't wait to put some of it to use in my quilts.
Really, you should check out Angela's blog, Quilting is My Therapy,
Lots of great advice and beautiful quilts to look at for ideas.

First full week of school and swim team, too.
Cross your fingers I survive that as well!

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