Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Such a relaxing weekend.
The weather was great, low 80's with lowish humidity.
The phone was quiet and the neighbors were too.
The mowers started (thanks Doug!) and lawn is mowed (at least the front).
Laundry is clean and smelling fresh, clean sheets and towels to start the week.

Spent a good part of the weekend working on a me project.
Remember my post on the black and whites I cut out?
Well, I have an almost finished top, just need to add a border to make it big enough
(they always want to be bigger).
Here's a sneak peak:

Ya'll didn't expect a full unveiling just yet did ya?
Hopefully the week won't be too busy and I'll have the energy to put on the borders
and get this sucker on the machine.
I'm really excited to use some of my newfound knowledge from Angela Walters
 to quilt this bad girl.
 Its not entirely what you might think, can't wait to get it quilted and show you.

After the fiasco with the blue thread on my Stepping Stones quilt
(I still have all the black and whites cut to make another, just don' know if I'll do it)
 I am already thinking light grey or white thread.

With so much focus on black and white this weekend
dinner tonight HAD to be bright.
Like ORANGE bright.

Bought these beauties at the local farm (not market, but FARM)
and had to do something with them tonight.

Toss with onions and peppers from the farm,
a bit of olive oil and my own fresh rosemary from the porch.

Dinner was a bit monochromatic in the orange sense
with orange beats (sweet as candy) and chicken and all those peppers and tomatoes and such,
but oh so tasty.
Check me out, more veggies than proteins.
Yes, I'm a healthy gal!

Here's to a good week for me and you!

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