Friday, August 10, 2012

Still here

I haven't fallen into deep space, a septic tank, or can't get up.

School is back in session.
Which means I'm back to the 12-15 hour dog days of August.
Getting ready for teaching equals really long hours
and swim season doesn't start until Monday!

I did manage to sew up a little somethum' somethum' for myself.

 My old school bag had an unfortunate demise in Mother Nature's attempt
at turning my building into a swimming pool.
Needless to say, it had to go in the dumpster.
 So here's my new one, a Zakka Style pattern
using Essex Linen in Natural and a yummy print I picked up in June in Paso Robles
at Birch Fabrics, aka Fabricworm (can't remember what line it is, other than beautiful).
Pockets galore, with a great black and white lining.

See Floyd the cat checking it out? He only wishes he could use such a bag.

Its cooling off for a bit in steamy St Lou, house is open and the canned air is off!
Should be clear nights to watch the Persiod Meteor shower this weekend.

Only thing better would be to watch it in South Dakota or Wyoming.
If you see a shooting star, make a wish for me.

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