Monday, September 17, 2012

A little bit of this and that

Its been a busy few weeks.
Too busy.
So here's a little taste of what I've been up to.

Work. Nothing makes a teacher's heart warm like data!!
Wow, I must be sick.

A fab sunset from the deck.
Now that is something to admire.

A nice hike, 7 or so miles. It only looked like it would rain the whole time.

I ordered these great metal findings and made a few key chains.
I think I got a bit carried away,
but they will make great gifts for friends and family at some point.

I've been baking a bit of bread, but forgot to snap pics before I sliced and toasted it up.
Trust me, it was yummy!

I am also wrapping up a project in the sewing room.
I tested a pattern for a friend and am just waiting on the go ahead to show you.
I promise there will be fun for all when I get to show you.
I,, still need to quilt it,
But I CAN'T wait to show you!!!

Until then,
I'm just dreaming of chasing windmills.


  1. You HAVE been busy my friend, glad you are spending equal parts of it outside as well as indoors behind the machine.

  2. Where did you order the metal findings from? I've been wanting to make those keychains forever but not having the little metal thingy has kept me from getting started!


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