Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hodge poge

Issac is here in St Louis, don't know who put out the welcome mat.
On the positive side, things are greening up around here again.
The sky has been amazing with the changing
clouds and multiple storm fronts.
Unfortunately I haven't been carrying my camera,
and besides, grey skies sometimes aren't too photogenic.

I finally got my first paycheck of the year
so I'll go treat myself to a new purse thats big enough for my camera
and maybe I'll have more photos to share. 
I'm saving for a really nice camera so the quality of my photos can improve too.

Our first swim meet was yesterday and it got off to a bang.
Or a blow.
The meet was delayed due to tornado sirens sending everyone to the locker rooms for shelter.
But I consider the meet to be a raging success as the boys
took the second place medal for the
400 Breaststroke relay.
I'm SOOOOOO proud of them!!!!
We haven't won a medal in this meet in several years, so it feels especially good.

My friend Nancy made this keychain for me.
I need to find out where she got the metal end so I can make one for my school keys.

I still have that black and white quilt pinned on the machine,
just waiting for me to devote some time to quilting it.
I promise when its done I will take good pics and show you all.
In the mean time I'm enjoying a lazy Saturday after a week filled with
14 and 16 hour days.

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