Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Truth

Some say you should spread the drama in your life around to keep the doses to a minimum. Sometimes you just don't get to choose.  Go with the flow, it will all even out eventually.

So what's that all about? I got all of my swim team drama done in one day, yesterday. One of my boys was horsing around on the wet deck and went down, spraining his wrist and chipping a bone (claims he, but the doc says he can be back in the pool in 5 days). Another of my poor misguided boys thought stealing a wallet and cell phone was a good idea, like that would improve our chances of winning?? His mother is still letting him think about it in jail today. Nothing like getting pretty silver bracelets and a cruiser ride at the end of a meet!

I have met my quota for drama for the year, its someone else's turn now. Any volunteers?

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