Monday, September 3, 2012

Its Done!!!

I have finally finished my new black and white quilt,
except hand-sewing the binding, but I couldn't wait to show you.
 I'm really REALLY excited.

But first....
a bit of show and tell.

Unless your name is Carrie and are having a baby this winter
and you won't tell us boy or girl.

Which made me have to make not one but two
baby quilts.
One for a girl and one for a boy.
No, you don't get them both unless you have a boy AND a girl.

So turn off your computer Carrie, and keep guessing
what baby's quilt will look like.
Just like we will keep guessing boy or girl.

Here's the girl quilt:

I think this was a Moda or a Benartex charm pack.
Check out my fancy scalloped edges.
While doing the scallops was not too terribly difficult,
sewing the binding was not a walk in the park.
Bias Bias Bias!!!!
No pic of the back, its just plain yellow.

And here's the boy quilt:
This was made from squares I cut from that fab Kona Modern Fabric
I won at the Kansas City Modern Meet Up back in May.
I added some Kona solids and a few grey prints to round it out.
Lots of fun to make, and super easy!
Here's the back:

Ok. Just took a look at my pictures of my new monster sized quilt
and I am very disappointed.
The lighting is terrible.
I will try to take more-better photos later this week.
But here she is,

Single Girl Interrupted:

I have wanted to make a Single Girl quilt for a while.
I have several MARRIED friends who have made this quilt.
Just didn't seem right that
the SINGLE girl didn't have one of these.
It's iterrupted because that's what life sometimes does,
So as a decidedly single girl, after an interruption of a marraige,
I needed a quilt that represented this aspect of my life.
And I quite like it.

A close up of the quilting:

What you can't see in the big photo is that there are three lines of big circles
coming down the quilt, two kinda close to each other and
the third set to the side.
I used some circle templates to draw the big circles right onto the quilt,
but to do all those gazillions of little circles
 I just kept repeating the mantra
"quarters, nickles, and pennies"
to keep the size of the little buggers the way I wanted them.
So how long did it take to quilt this monster (roughly105x105) you ask?
Well, I started yesterday at 9am, took a long dinner break, quit at 11:30pm,
and finished up with another 2 hours today.
But it was worth it.

I like my Single Girl. Interrupted.

Any suggestions on how/where to take better photos of this quilt?


  1. I love your quilts. The scalloped edge on your girl quilt is lovely. I plan on making a quilt soon and doing this edge myself. Any tips?

    Do you know you have your robot identifier on? I have so much trouble with those things.

  2. I love your Single Girl! It turned out beautiful! I wish I could help you on the lighting. Outside when we don't have an overcast day from Isaac?


    Nicely done!

  4. OMG!!!! Annie, I Love the Single Girl Interrupted quilt...absolutely Love it.

    As for photos, I would definately suggest taking it outside on a normal (not crazy sunny or overcast) day and shooting a ton of photos of it. You can always edit the not-so-fab ones out later.

    This is definately on the To-Do List!!

  5. I am trying to decide what to use as a pattern for my Modern Kona print and I love this quilt, what pattern is this please. funnymesjc at gmail dot com


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