Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Granite and Plumbing (a new band?)

I was a good girl.
Really, I was.

I waited until 9:30 this morning before I installed the faucet.
The fellas that installed my granite
said to wait 24 hours.
That was yesterday.
Its a whole day later, give or take six hours.

First, I have to tell you about the fellas from Arch City Granite.
That's where my slab came from.
Super nice people throughout the whole process.
I would highly recommend them
(and they did not compensate me for this endorsement).
(too bad)
The installers were as nice as the sales guy who was as nice as the cutter.
I guess that's what they call the guy who cuts the granite.
So nice, and really knew their stuff.
I guess that's why they were hired. Go figure.

The fellas were good sports and let me snap a few photos of the install.

Here they are muscling in the granite. Watch your fingers!

Also snapped this one of the fella's in a, umm, slightly compromising position.
Good thing they work well together!

Can you believe a grown man is in my cabinets?
Just goes to show, I have tons of storage!!

Here it is in all of its gorgeous granite glory!
(Ain't that an awesome alliteration!)

I wish you could see the shimmery spots that look like mother of pearl.
They shine, shimmer, and sparkle.
There I go with that alliteration again.
It is brain addlingly addictive.

So, plumbing.
I installed the faucet myself.
Only one leak, but I knew exactly where it was and how to fix it.
So I did.
I'm feeling kinda big, bad, and bold for doing it myself,
no help from anyone.
Thank goodness for google and YouTube.
Isn't it pretty!?!?

I know, lousy photo. My new cabinets are so dark that they just suck the light out of the room.
I will eventually have better lighting.

So now I need help again.
I have two options for tiling the backsplash.
Option #1 is my original idea of white subway tile:

Option #2 is a glass and marble mosaic tile:

Color wise they both "go" with the cabinets and the granite.
But I just don't know.
As if that isn't enough to have to decide,
I need to figure out if I should run the tile just to the bottom of my vent hood
or all the way to the ceiling.
Decisions, decisions.
Makes my brain hurt.

By the way,
I LOVE my new kitchen
especially now that it looks like a kitchen.


  1. Subway and all the way to the ceiling.

  2. Granite is the star....go with subway tile. It will be gorgeous


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