Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I resolve to be better.... blogging.

I know I have been a very absent blogger.

I will try to get better.
Really I will.

And I have incentive now.
My fabulous St Louis Modern Quilt Guild has put out the challenge.
A WOW challenge.



WOW stands for War on WIP.

Works In Progress.

And I have a bucket load of them.
Technically basket loads of them, but who's gonna be technical with me?

I actually got a head start on this before there was a challenge.
See, we've had a bit of snow here in the Lou.
And I've had an abundance of snow days.
And the library closed due to snow, not that I could get there in the snow and cold we have had.
So I started to work on some old, I mean MATURE, projects.
I actually got a quilt finished for my fabulous neighbor with the
snowblower who also cat sits for me when I travel.
Unfortunately, I managed to FAIL to take a photo before I gave her the quilt.
Maybe I'll convince her to bring it outside for a beauty shot in the snow.

I also got this one finished for my hiking buddy.

You only get to see half of it as it was about 19 degrees out and we had been hiking for 2 hours.
Did I mention that the trails were covered in ice?
We managed to not slip off the bluffs into the river.

I also have been working on my Riley Blake Challenge, 
again thanks to Snow Days.
In fact, I am pretty sure it would not have gotten quilted if it weren't for snow days.
Here is a preview of it, hot off the quilt machine
(well, actually, its drapped on the machine, but you get the picture).
Here's the picture.

Horrible lighting. But can you see the run of pebbles through the middle?
It's my favorite part of the quilting.

Here's the same thing from the opposite angle.
 I still need to attach the binding, can you say -18 degree wind chill?
It counts for a snow day.

I promise, Promise, PROMISE to be better at blogging.

Besides, I need to show you all the WIP I'm entering in the WOW
so I can be held accountable.


  1. You're alive!! ha. Need to get my WOW list ready. I dont think we will have our meeting this saturday. We have more snow coming.

  2. Holy Crap....THAT is your Riley Blake Challenge's Amazing!!!

    I'm happy to see everyone loving our WOW! project.

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