Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I miss my car already

Well, here it is. My new car for the next few weeks. Its bright cherry red and has 25 miles on it (when I said new, I meant NEW), and its not my Prius. I am positive I will loose it in a parking lot somewhere at least twice.  Thank goodness I was able to talk them into giving me the Corolla instead of the boat of an Impala. I like little cars, easier to manuever, park, less to mess up. Its going to take a bit to get use to using a key in the ignition and locks. Hope they can fix my car quickly. Oh, and for those of you tracking Sideshow Bob (AKA the Prius/deer saga) the estimate is $5,300. Thank goodness my deer collision deductable is only $250!


  1. I like little cars too. Aside from what you mentioned, small cars are also known for their speed. I hope you won’t lose your car in the parking lot anymore. Drive safely!

    -Dewey Setlak

  2. For first time drivers and for convenient driving, small cars are the best choice. The first car I ever drove was my mom’s Picanto. Then, after some more years of driving experience, I bought myself a 4x4 which perfectly fits the outgoing and adventurous side of me.

    -Nettie Christensen

  3. Why do you keep on losing your car at the parking lot? In my first months of driving, I also find it hard to remember the exact space where I parked my car. I don’t like that feeling! Next time, if you can, just park your car somewhere near, or somewhere that’s easy to see so that you’ll not lose sight of it.

    -Bryan Meeks

  4. I feel sorry that you constantly lose your car in the parking lot. Is it your car that is lost or it’s really you that’s always lost? Haha! Kidding aside, I agree with Nettie's suggestion that if you have a choice, park it somewhere near. Good luck!

    -Ivo Beutler

  5. I remember when I was only starting out my father didn’t let me used our new car, instead he gave me our 12-year old 1980 Toyota Corolla. I personally think that it was a great decision because my first year of driving was hell. Haha!


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