Saturday, October 8, 2011

Habitat Challenge Unveiled

So here it is, done in a week.

So why did I take a photo at the pool? Because I finished the binding while coaching swim practice. There is no connection to to natatorium, I just thought it would be funny to take the photo in front of the no life guard on duty. (But there was one in the pool, so we were covered.)

At Laumeier Sculpture Park near Kirkwood.

Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. I think some of my fellow Modern quilters are amazing with what they did, and we all find it funny that most of us were ready to be done with this fabric by the time we unveiled all of them today. I was actually hoping I would NOT win the door prize today because it was more of the challenge fabrics.

One thing I learned is that I need a better camera. My little point and shoot is nice to carry around, but it really doesn't take great photos.  I need to invest in a professional camera or at least a SLR type digital and really learn how to use it. I want to take better photos, I just need better equipment and some instruction.

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  1. Love the pinwheels! I was so ready for this challenge to be over with.


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