Friday, October 21, 2011

In the vein of Not Normal.....

....Finally took a minute this morning from bread and pool and laundry (still haven't raked those pine needles...) and put together this cute little pillow.  The top was pieced courtesy of Kristy and *GASP* abandoned on the free table at the last Sew In.  After repeated confirmation that she really didn't want it (a bit not normal maybe? I keep good company ; ) ), I brought the lonely sucker home and have finally put a back on it. While it is quite at home in my living room, I do wonder if it may eventually find its way into Kristy's bag at a Modern Quilt Guild Meeting.

Oh, and YEA!!! I have a three day weekend!!!!!! And the hardware store in St. Claire Mo is having their annual fabric sale - $2.99 a yard and there's usually some good finds if you're willing to dig.


  1. That freebie sure looks comfy-cozy on your chair. Glad it found a good home :-)

  2. I'd love to know if you find goodies in St. Clair:)


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