Friday, October 21, 2011

Normal People

Most normal people don't get up at 5:38 am on their bonus day off.

Most normal people don't shoot pool at 6:22 am.

It needs to be cleaned up a bit, but it plays even and the bumpers are true. Check out the carpert! A sweet friend (translation: friend with skills who can fix anything) helped (translation: did most of the work) lay the carpet tiles. An art teacher friend and I exchanged services: she painted the stone wall and I made her a quilt.  My pool/bar room is almost finished and open for business!
 Most normal people don't take a picture of their wood pile, dreaming of the evening they can light the first fire of the season.

 Most normal people don't lament the fact that they had to turn on the furnace before November 1.
 Most normal people don't spend time thinking about how many quilts they have to quilt to pay themselves back for buying a pool table on craigslist (2), and then how many to pay for the move (3).
Thank goodness I'm not normal!
Gotta go get baking, quilting and pine needle picking uping. And probably shoot some more pool, because I'm a bit rusty after not touching a cue stick in over a year.


  1. How fun! Three cheers for not normal! go girl!

  2. Haven't you heard...Not Normal Rocks!!!


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