Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Holy Cow, I almost forgot!

I totally almost missed it.
Today is the one year anniversary of me starting this blog.
Its been a wild and wooly fun ride and I hope to keep on trucking down this road.
Love sharing my little corner of the world with whoever deems me worthy of a few seconds of their time.
I might not always have anything fabulous to say or share
but who's judging?

So in celebration of this milestone I thought I would share with you the results of my toils
(yes... I'm on vacation... how can I possibly toil over anything...
except trying not to be a slovenly slug...
its a rough life, but someone's gotta do it)

I've been catching up on Zakka projects.

My Zakka Quilt.
I know... supposed to be blocks not rectangles.
But I had this great Kaffe Fasset charm pack I wanted to use...
And to make it a usable sized quilt (lap/picinic) I had to double up...
And I love it. That's Essex Linen in the sashing and I quilted it with Superior King Tut thread in Ramses Red.

Then I made the Leaf Messenger Bag.
Its pretty cute but my efforts to make it big enough for my laptop failed.
Might just be someones new school bag in the fall...hmmm.

Up next was the zipper organizer.
Learned a few things about using single fold bias binding, mostly that single fold means SINGLE FOLD.
Ooops. 'Salright.
Still turned out cute and I think its kinda nifty with the zipper going all the way around.

So now I was kinda caught up. But..........

Why not get those hand warmers done and outta the way?
While I didn't do the embroidered boy/girl faces,
at least I found a use for some of that rice I seem to have pounds of laying around forgotten.

Finally I knocked out the pot holders.
They were super easy (hmmm.. maybe because I used some presewn scraps I picked up from a friend...
its not cheating, just using what I have to my advantage... really)
I did NOT make another trip to Joanns (went 2 times making the messenger bag)
for the insulated fleece, so maybe I'll just call these WARM POT HOLDERS.
I did put two layers cotton batting, but I'm not going to be using these as trivets anytime soon.

So now I'm almost caught up with Zakka, just in time to go out of town again.
If I'm a good person I shouldt run over to the thrift shop and find a bit of tweed for this week's project.

But I hear other things calling my name... bindings... Single Girl quilt... zigzag quilt...
bottle of wine... new Better Homes and Garden Magazine...


  1. Congratulations on the one year mark!

  2. YEAH!!! Congratulations on Year #1, here's to many more.

  3. You have been one busy lady! Congratulations on one year of blogging!


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